The Portals of Hell have opened, there will be great darkness on Earth and also great light, will it be Rapture or Rupture for us? all the dedicated Christians of today are in the Lion's den of this World, and have taken on the same Spirit of obedience as the early Christians in the beginning of the Church Age had taken on. This Church Age will close exactly the way it began in the early church, with the true Christian undergoing persecution, trials and sufferings at the hands of crude people that have come against our Jesus. 
  Even within the Christian churches persecutions have come. Many who claim to be Christian are not lined up with our loving God. Some of the early Christians worst persecutions came from the religious people of that day and so it is today!
  Satan is being so vicious toward the true Christians today as the spirit of Antichrist grows stronger on this Earth. All the demons from ages past have gathered to do battle against the true Christians of our Lord Jesus Christ, because we serve our Master our savior, our Lord Jesus.
  True Christians should look up to heaven, and not dread this hour at all. Our God's power is much stronger than all the multitudes of demons that are coming against the true Church of our Lord Jesus Christ in this last hour. 
  The demons know they can't destroy the true Christians, The Christians with the blood of Jesus will trample the demons underfoot. The demons know the true Christians have been given power over all of them, even over Lucifer himself....the battle belongs to our Lord Jesus Christ!!!
  Jesus chose Paul for a soul winning mission, and Paul suffered so very much for our Lord Jesus Christ. Much of the time after Paul's conversion he lived in the thick of the battle.
  Paul was imprisoned, beaten, persecuted, but what a wonderful message our Lord sent through him to us... the pure Word of the living God! 
  Our Lord will be able to get the very best soul winning work out of us during our hours of suffering, trials and persecutions during this Christian life. We will cling to the Old Rugged Cross of our Lord Jesus with greater determination, greater strength because we will draw from our Lord Jesus Christ, we will draw on those powers we need from our Jesus, day after day!

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