Jesus didn't bring fear to His disciples; He taught them not to be afraid of what life might bring. Our Jesus taught His disciples: Fear not; let not your heart be troubled; don’t be afraid of anything. Jesus used peace; the disciples saw it used under all kinds of adverse circumstances. Our Jesus told them He was going away; but He would leave His peace, His courage with them, His love and His faith. We have those same things, Our Jesus left His disciples, and we don’t live in fear! With the grace and the favour of our God you have nothing to fear and nothing to worry about. 
    If you’re not free today, say this prayer with me. Please dear God, save my soul. I want to be delivered from this torment; I want to be set free, and I know dear Jesus that your  blood will deliver me. I confess I'm lost in the night. I confess that I’m bound with fear, but I confess my faith in you and I believe the blood of my dear Jesus washes away all of my sins. Come into my heart dear Jesus! Come on in. Jesus came in if you meant that prayer, and you can now say: Hallelujah, My Jesus has come! I have found my Lord! Don’t walk in fear; walk in faith.

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