Yes the early church knew such power..... and turned the world upside down.... in a brief amount of time..... They sought and seized the empowerment of the Holy Spirit and ran their race of life to win..... Remembering that the early church was severely persecuted..... that Christians were killed.... and lit on fire to be used as torches along dark paths.... they multiplied..... There were new believers coming to the knowledge of Christ by the hour. Adversity bound them together..... Expectaton bound them together even more. For the early church believed that the Lord would return in THEIR LIFETIME... They made haste, believing the time was indeed short.....the fields were ripe unto harvest....but more laborers were needed. And, then .... they grew old....and died... And, their sons and daughters picked up the baton...and continued to run....But, by the time 5 or 6 generations had passed....and Christ STILL had not returned..... they began to grow weary.....they began to faint. Entter Christianity in the year 2019. WILL HE EVER RETURN??? Will we simply wait...and languish saying "shall my lord delayeth his coming?" Some of us may secretly lament WHY WHY HASN'T HE COME BACK?? HOW MUCH WORSE DO THINGS ON THE WORLD SCENE HAVE TO GET? Well, the short answer is MUCH WORSE. This is not a popular teaching among the believe it/claim it crowd. For, we want to have our cake and eat it too...... And, for Christ not to come back yet, does not fit into the template of our Christian lives. YET, GOD IS OUTSIDE THE CONFINES OF TIME....It is so hard for us to grasp. For, our minds are finite. But, NO MAN KNOWS THE DAY....SAVE THE FATHER HIMSELF.... Even Jesus, as the second part of the godhead knows not. This knowledge only the Lord God has saved for himself. Yes, I agree with you dear Gary.... We are all created in the image of God.... And, there is that spiritual dimension that has a proclivity to hunger after God. But, man has choices. And, if we choose to reject God, He gives us free will. We may walk our own way. God is not our puppet-master. Yet, all things ultimately are under HIS DOMINION. AND HE HOLDS SWAY OVER US. Yes....there are sometimes difficult situations and times in our lives..... But, one day it will all make sense. One day we will see our Lord and savior face to face.... And, it will be worth it all.... It will all make sense. What we may have suffered here will be as NOTHING. All the martyrs of old TRULY SUFFERED for what they believed. We...the Church of 2019 are more interested in the drum section of the Worship team than in raising money to send missionaries to foreign lands....or BETTER STILL.....TAKING THE GOSPEL DOOR TO DOOR, AND SHARING THE GOOD NEWS WITH OTHERS. There are times when the Contemporary church is ashamed of the Gospel of Christ....forgetting that holds the key to our redemption and salvation. Even so....come Lord Jesus. Thank you again dear Gary for another annointed message....Carol S

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