You speak of the Church doors being closed...maybe locked?? idk If so while humanly I can understand it....for in the U.S.A. we have had incidents of even pastors and their families being gunned down in church..... Church is no longer a safe haven...but a place where terrorists and deranged people can come to kill....and prey upon the innocent who are doing nothing more than praying.... Yet, if we cower behind locked doors....we have no ministry.... So....what to do? A lesson from the apostles..... who after Jesus' crucifiction cowered..... afraid....hidden away behind locked doors..... afraid that THEY were going to be next...... Yet, after he appeared to them...it gave them a boldness they heretofore had not known.... And they went out to revolutionize the world..... On the day of Penticost, alone, over 3,000 souls were saved. Did they live? Most were exiled or killed..... (Peter was crucified upside down on a Cross -- because he thought himself not worthy to be killed as Christ was..... They did not live....but they were used of God in powerful ways. I think we all cling to life most tenaciously And I do not criticize...for I am not gung ho on dying today.... Yet, we know in order for prophesy to be fulfilled, these things MUST first happen....WHEN THE SON OF MAN RETURNETH SHALL HE FIND FAITH UPON THE EARTH???? I believe there will not be millions and millions awaiting the splitting of those Eastern skies...but rather tiny bands of believers all over the world. We have had a cushy ride for too long. The church is soft.... Yet, in times of persecution the church thrives. (Look at the undergrown church in China today as a classic example) .... We are an imperfect people...and yet God USES imperfect people who are willing to follow Him to further His program for mankind.... HE WORKETH IN US BOTH TO WILL AND TO DO HIS GOOD PLEASURE.....EVEN SO COME LORD JESUS .... THANK YOU MY DEAR BROTHER FOR AN ANNOINTED MESSAGE...Carol S

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