Woe be unto those who call good evil and evil good.... When people chosse to turn away from Biblical truth they will far sooner believe ANYTHING that comes to them in the form of pseudo wisdom...... Seeing themselves as wise in their own eyes...they become as fools.... Again, when humanity rejects THUS SAYETH THE LORD....Satan abhors a vaccuum and rushes in to fill the void. He will use parlor tricks.... talk show hosts, the New York Times best sellers list.....whatever it takes to lure people down his path to perdition. Yes, Gary I agree, THE FAMILY IS UNDER ATTACK AS NEVER BEFORE....BUT IT DIDN'T JUST HAPPEN.... It started clear back in the 40s and 50's EXPLODED INTO THE 60'S and we have seen the steep curve of those who belive Bibical truth decline ever since. The big Billy Graham rallies in the 50's filled stadiums..... I wonder today if they were held if they would even began to fill a high school gym. The Bible is mocked from Saturday Night Live to the London Times.... It is declared myth, fairytale and unscientific. Anyone stupid enough to believe the Bible is branded regressive and Stone age. One day we are going to meet all the babies murdered in the womb. They are the world's holocaust and will remain so. No amount screaming feminists can blot out the silent screams of those countless millions who have been salined to death.
When we believe the Bible it is ultimately GOD WHO HOLDS SWAY OVER ALL OUR BODIES WHETHER MALE OR FEMALE....KNOCK GOD OUT OF THE EQUATION AND YOU HAVE CHAOS...... Every man for himself.... but all going down in a sinking ship of sin....Men should love their wives as they love their own bodies. When this Biblical principle is followed, a woman will lovingly work with her husband as a loving helpmate..... The decisions will be made mutually....but if there happens to be disagreement.... the man is held accountable before God to make that final decision .... And this sends the feminists into fits of rage. HOW DARE ANYONE TELL THEM WHAT TO DO....BUT IT IS NOT MEN/HUSBANDS THEY ARE RAILING AGAINST BUT GOD. Dear Gary once again thank you for an annointed message.... Even so...............come quickly Lord Jesus...Carol S

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