The book of Acts...what a transitional and transforative book.... From the rushing wind and tongues of fire at Penticost where 3,000 souls were saved in one day..... to fast forward down that tunnel of time where He will come back Every knee shall bow and every tongue will confess that He is king of Kings and lord of lords I agree that we should be striving for the sprit filled life now....walking in ressurection I also agree that if the church had done its job...... the job it was supposed to have done....there would be no need for Welfare..... In the book of Acts we are introduced to those early Christians who worked 14 hr days as slaves.....AFTER THAT.... THEY CAME TOGETHER IN CAVES TO BREAK BREAD AND SHARE WHAT LITTLE THEY HAD WITH ONE ANOTHER ON A DAILY BASIS. IMAGINE THAT.... everyone sitting or reclining at the same table..... everyone sharing what they had..... The perfect concept for what Church was designed to be..... It has been said that most people will never come to Christ on an empty we must feed them food first...before we present the Bread of Life..... Behold old things are passed away.....and all have become new..... That is the message of sanctification that resonates today throught the annuls of time immemorial......Carol S

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