Do we have anything in our life that stands between us and our loving Father? Are we willing to give up everything that drives a wedge between our soul and our loving God? When we finally come to the place that we are willing for our Father’s will to be done, this means we have given up everything and put our everything into the hands of our God. What are those little sins in our lives that we sometimes do..... Those little things that are not exactly right?

   Do we want a closer walk with our Jesus? Do we desire that closer walk enough that we are willing to give up everything that is unpleasing to our God? What are the things we do that keep us at arm's length with our God who made us? What stands in our way of getting close and cozy with our Jesus? Do we want to feel more of the love and faith that our Jesus is offering to us? If we want all of our Jesus, we will need to give all of ourselves to Him. Jesus does not hold back anything from us…so we should never hold back anything from our Jesus…we should please our Jesus in everything we do!

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