Dear Gary sometimes the most profound thoughts come to us in the midnight hours.... My dear brother, this is yet another anointed message.... Yes, I agree we are called to be servants of the lord.... That service may take many forms.... But it has a bottom line...and that is being in His will involves service. Yes we are perfected in him.... and I would like to add ARE PERFECT in him.... When God looks at me/us he does not see Carol If he did, I would have no hope.... Instead God looks at me/us through a prism of Red.... He looks at us through the blood of his dear son, Jesus Christ...and he says....YOU LOOK GOOD TO ME..... Now-- that does not give us licence to live any way we wish....INSTEAD it gives us hope...and should serve as motivation.... for us to reach out and spread the Gospel.... reach out in loving service to humanity. The early church certainly served.... They were slaves, who after 14 hour days came together in the catacombs every single night share their bread... ... to minister and serve one another.... to draw strength from one another... Yes I agree with you we need wisdom to outsmart the evil one.... We need to become wise as a serpent and harmless as a dove. Right now we do not begin to see Christ in hIs fullness.... It is almost as if we have left our car out at night. There has been an ice storm and when we get up in the morning, we turn on the defrost....and start chip chip chipping away at the ice on the windshield..... When we get a tiny clearing on the windshield we jump in the car and go to work. Right now.... this is how we see God.... We cannot begin to wrap our minds around the full windshield of God's glory. All we see is that tiny tiny patch of clear in the windshield.... And for now... that will have to do.....BUT THE DAY IS COMING WHEN THE FOG AND ICE WILL BE SWEPT AWAY....AND THE WINDSHIELD WILL BE CLEAR..... AS WE SHALL SEE OUR LORD AND SAVIOR FACE TO FACE. Dear Gary....thank you again for this wonderful message straight from your heart..... hugs your sister Carol

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