Dear Gary another anointed and spirit filled message.... YES... we must not grow weary in well doing... Even if it seems that history is winding down... prophecy is being played out before us...and we feel powerless in the face of sweeping opposition and change...we must keep on keeping on... .. For we are His ambassadors..... and must be his lips, hands and feet until his soon return.... When life is chaos and fraught with unpredictability in this sometimes demonic and digital age,, there is a constant.... and that is the Love of God... Our lives are hidden away in God.... and he ever holds us in his powerful right hand.... never letting us go. We can know that with God all things are possible and we are eternally secure. Yes, 1984 is here. BIG BROTHER KNOWS ALL AND TRACKS OUR EVERY MOVEMENT.....I can watch a video, and Gary, literally seconds SECONDS after I watch i get a pop up saying THIS IS RECOMMENDED FOR YOU.... Based on what I watch the computer tracks me.... and knows everything I do and see....every place I go.... Nevertheless....we cannot live our lives in fear....for we know that HE WHO NEVER SLUMBERS OR SLEEPS WILL BE OUR PROTECTOR AND OUR GUIDE.... As a mother hen lovingly gathers her chicks up under her wings and embraces them... so God gathers US up under his protective wings.... and He envelops us in his care..... This is the age of grace...and one day the sky will split....the age will be ended and he shall descend with a shout...with the trump and the dead and Christ shall rise first and then we who are alive shall be caught up in the clouds to ever be with the Lord.... But until the time Satan is busy catching souls in his snare. We must be equally diligent in winning souls.... The time is short and the fields are white unto harvest. Even so.....Come Lord Jesus. Gary thank you again for this powerful presentation hugs from your friend and sister, Carol

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