Dear Heavenly Father, Our President has declared March 15 -- today – as a National Day of Prayer. And, so, this morning, we lift our hearts heavenward to pray and praise You. You are our Messiah....our Protector and Everlasting God. You are Adonai ... Jehovah Jireh... and you alone are worthy of praise. We petition you today on behalf of our World. We pray for all those in our world who are sick today and struggling. Raise them up from beds of affliction and strengthen their bodies and souls. We lift up our hearts to pray for all those in the world who are oppressed. Bring freedom to those who live under a yoke of bondage. Help us to never take our Democracy for granted and to remember our roots. We pray for ENOUGH FOOD to feed the world—We ask that no child would ever have to go hungry because there is no food. Please insure that all nations would have enough CLEAN WATER to drink. Help organizations such as “The Clean Water Project,” The Rotary Club, The City Mission and Salvation Army to continue to serve locally and internationally to do the most good. For those of us still young enough and of good character, we pray for a spirit of volunteerism. Help us to reach out to the world and make it better. We pray for good hospitals—for doctors, nurses and specialists WORLD WIDE to care for the sick and alleviate pain. Raise up Scientists and Research Centers dedicated to the cure of Cancer, Parkinson’s and all debilitating diseases. Please Lord, keep our families and loved ones healthy. And, help our grandchildren to grow up to be useful, healthy, generous and productive citizens...who love you as their maker. We humbly ask for more kindness, empathy and compassion. Please help us to be ever tolerant of other cultures, religions and ways of life. Let us always be of the mindset to “walk a mile in my shoes.” Dear Heavenly Father, help us to be generous -- especially to programs such as “Feed the Children International,” and all local Food Banks. Help us to be worthy ambassadors, dear God, for you. We are your hands to a hurting world. Help us to embrace our world, in love. We are your lips. May words of kindness and encouragement tumble from our mouths. We are your feet. Help us to spread the Gospel of Peace. We are your workmanship. Help us to remember that as we pray, YOU HEAR. And, our world is changed through prayer. On this National Day of Prayer, help us collectively and individually to remember that we are a GLOBAL FAMILY. THANK YOU, Dear God for hearing our heartfelt petition. We love you because you first loved us.

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