We are Totally complete and at peace in Christ Jesus, and yet many Christians today, discontented, dissatisfied, and unhappy, come up lacking. 
  Depending on people to make us happy is risky. If people fail us, we become sad lonely and depressed. Nothing should get us down when we’re complete in our Lord Christ Jesus. Our Lord Jesus is our captain! We should never fight battles or go through valleys, heartache and troubles Without our Jesus. We dare not depend on ourselves alone. We should depend upon our Father and upon our Jesus and the guidance of the Holy Spirit.  we will find it impossible to function right without that connection from our God!
Our Lord Jesus during the last supper told His disciples to drink it all (the cup of His Blood). The whole complete Jesus was in that cup of Jesus blood. Jesus didn’t let anyone, anything, any demons or devil get Him down, not even Lucifer him­self. Our Jesus didn’t compromise; Jesus didn’t bow to anything  that was not of God.
   I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me. Not through self but through Christ Jesus we can do all things. Depend on our Lord Jesus Christ for the things we can’t do; we have our Jesus to help us. The Holy Spirit lives on the inside of us, if we do have the Holy Spirit today, He will point us to Jesus every hour we are awake and will protect us while we sleep. The Holy Spirit is greater than a guardian angel; He’s the third per­son in the Trinity of God! We belong to Christ Jesus and our Christ Jesus belongs to our Father so we belong altogether to the Father! Our Jesus is the one who made it possible for us to become a member of the very family of our God.
   Since our Jesus Christ is our everything, then we have the faith to believe we can receive the answers we need to our prayers. Our Jesus Christ must be our everything in order for us to be able to have all our prayers answered that God wills to answer for us. If we want to have the help in every way daily that our Jesus seeks to give us, then Jesus must be our everything. 

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