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In regard to the church It has never been more in evidence with the Coronavirus and social distancing that the church is not a building the church is us.... in us of us wherever 2 or 3 are gathered together in spirit and truth THERE HE IS AND WE ARE THE CHURCH-- his hands...his feet.... his mouth ears and eyes... We are his ambassadors. Although it is hard to be worthy ambassadors in this environment it has NEVER BEEN EASY. LOOK WHAT THE EARLY CHRISTIANS FACED....BEING FED TO THE LIONS FOR SPORT.... BEING LIT ON FIRE AND USED AS HUMAN TORCHES. It may come to that again before the Lord returns. It may. It is more difficult to present Christ and the Gospel to Millennials and generation X ers who have been indoctrinated on college campuses throughout the world to believe there is no God
but the GOD IN THEM ---- THE GOD WHO THEY BELIEVE THEY ARE FOR THEY ARE THE EPI CENTER OF ALL THAT EXISTS. To them we are crazy old loons needing to die to pave the way for the brave new world. You posed the question as to why many will be in Hell Gary it is their CHOICE.... GOD GIVES FREE WILL TO BELIEVE OR NOT TO BELIEVE. If you spit in God's face now... he in his mercy will let you You can live any ol way you want Eat Drink and Be Merry BUT THE DAY OF RECKONING IS COMING -- FOR TOMORROW WE DIE. GOD IS HOLY HE IS THE CREATOR. WE ARE NOT If he wanted he could sweep each and every one of us into perdition It is only by his beneficence and mercy that he does not.

The Gospel DOES TEND TO OFFEND, does it not? People don't want to hear that we are sinners and need to repent. Why that's old archaic We are the stuff of dinosaurs-- not enlightened While they are the future on that golden road to higher vibrations and frequencies. They are certainly lead by the engine of EMOTIONS. TODAY EVERYTHING IS TOUCHY FEELY. But for the Christian regardless of what the world thinks or does.... we must let the Sweet Holy Spirit be that engine that keeps our train of life on track.

Last but not least, you spoke of peace. In these days of disquietude turmoil and chaos.... we, as Christians can have peace -- peace in the eye of the storm For our peace does not come from CNN or FOX News our peach cometh from ABOVE. IT IS SUPERNATURAL --- GOD GIVEN That is why when the world quakes we can stand firm as a tree well planted in Lebanon For our root system is the Lord and our limbs extend heavenward each one filled with the Inspired word of God. ( Comment by Carol)

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