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The Parable Of The Prodigal son..


Here is one part of the parable of the Prodigal son. The parables of our Jesus are so rich and deep, and there are so many beautiful illustrations woven into each one. Here we have the elder son, having just been told that his younger brother, who had fallen into deep sin, was now back at home, and to his disgust, was welcomed back with a great feast and jubilation by his Father. And he was angry, and jealous, and hurt over this. And I have to say... a little bit prideful too... of his own righteousness. 

The part that needs to emphasize this morning is this: The father ( who represents our God the Father) was so kind and merciful here. Some have said that he was just as loving and merciful to this elder son as he was to the other, if not more. Notice, he went out to him, and entreated him. Aren't you glad that our God doesn't leave us to ourselves when we get out of sorts? Our God comes to us, entreats us, reasons with us, loves us, and reassures us, just like the father in this story. 

 The one brother could have said... " leave him alone.'  I can do what I want with my own calf.. I can make a feast if I want to, etc.  " Just lock the door and let him have his own way... he doesn't want to come in... then he will never come in." Have you ever heard a person talk this way... I have heard that kind of talk. And it is very searching too, I mean, as a parent, to think about how I've responded to my children's sulking, or angry moments. Am I like this father, showing a meek spirit, bearing patiently with them, reassuring them of my love for them? It's something to think about isn't it? Our Father loves us so much that he will do almost anything to get us to heaven! Our Father sent Jesus to die for our sins, and will hold his hands out to us until we draw our last breath...He loves us that much! 

Let's be careful how we treat those who are just a bit out of sorts. Let's entreat them with love. Our God does. He does this with every one of us. Our God patiently bears with us, just like our Jesus did with the disciples. 

There are just so very many examples in the Bible of our God " entreating" someone who " had a bad moment,". Yes. And I'm so thankful that our Father loves us this way. 

Maybe we've been out of sorts lately, even angry, or envious, like this elder son. Our God loves us my friend. He is entreating us today. Our Father wants us to know that He loves us with an eternal love, and that He will never leave us nor forsake us. And, like the young man in the parable, Our Father wants us to know that "all that I have is thine."  We are so greatly loved... everything that our God has is ours... we are going to inherit the whole kingdom of our God... to be a joint- heir with our Lord Jesus Christ, if we will just reach out and accept Jesus into our heart and soul! 

Brothers and sisters, let's be patient, like our Father is with those who are out of sorts today. Let's be gentle, like our father is in the parable, like our Heavenly Father has been, and is, with every one of us! And let's try to reassure those who are feeling hurt and left out! If we love them with our Fathers love, we might win them...they just might decide to come on in and out of the night, they might accept our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ into their lives!


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